Corporate Social Responsibility

Abalulu is guided by the highest standards of corporate governance. We believe in inclusive development and seek to continue to be a good corporate citizen in various aspects of our operations and activities.

As a responsible business entity, Abalulu takes pride in being socially inclined and focused on sustained and effective CSR activities.

Focus areas:

Abalulu endeavors that all initiatives undertaken by it should have an impact on the beneficiaries in improving their lives. In line with this objective and keeping in mind its operations, Abalulu aims to focus on impacting lives and livelihood. Accordingly, Abalulu India has identified 2 focus areas for its CSR activities

  1. Contribution to the Children at Risk Organization
  2. Promoting employment enhancing vocation skills and livelihood enhancement projects especially among women in distant areas, in our producing countries, namely, India, Israel and China


About the Children at Risk Organization:

The Organization was established in 1990 to help children at risk of neuropsychiatric and psychosocial risk and their families in the community. Since its establishment, two main activities have developed:

  1. Center for the Treatment and Study of Autism, the oldest and leading body in Israel in the treatment of children and adolescents on the autistic spectrum from early childhood to the age of 18.
  2. The Cohen Harris Residency Center, dealing with initiating, developing, consulting, training, research and forecasting in the field of preparedness and development of personal, family, community and organizational resilience. The center also serves as a training school in its fields of practice.