Our first encounter was at the tender age of 4…


It was not just a figure out of any other children’s game,

It was my muse, my earliest INSPIRATION!




Abalulu is an old middle eastern children’s game, which we used to play as young kids. The game is all about imagination, creativity and individuality… Taking turns, one of the children takes the role of Abalulu, the “lovable ghost”… Running around and all arms flapping, the Abalulu would chase the other children, shouting “Abalulu is coming, Abalulu is coming…!”, while her playmates scatter around with delightful shrieks and laughter filling the house.


Abalulu is one of my best memories as a child… The game would transport me to an imaginary universe, in which I was taken over by the Abalulu’s spirit:

A strong, powerful, energetic and tribal figure who could do and be anything.


The Abalulu Collections are based on ancient symbols and motifs such as freedom, success, protection, and confidence.

These symbols are woven through Abalulu’s lines in the forms of birds, handprints, eyes and leaders. Abalulu is designed to inspire imagination, for children who roam the world freely, who dare and don’t care.

“I tried to combine my expertise in design with my experience as a mother to bring you Abalulu – a world of exploration and adventure.”


Unleash your inner child!



Abalulu Me&Mi




Inbal Caspi Miller, Co-founder and Head Designer