As a child, Abalulu was my favorite game,

One of the children was running with his hands raised up shouting “Beware! Abalulu is coming!” – for a moment I seemed to have no fear at all…

ABALULU is an imaginary friend, the inner demon that exists within each and every one of us. By connecting to him, we accept ourselves the way we are, as desired and as we should. Everything then looks different.

This is my story – do not be afraid of feeling fear!

To dare to be yourself, to accept yourself, to accept the one another (after all, we are all the children of the same world).

Turning this into the world of fashion: you can wear different, you can wear wide, you can wear “crooked”, you can wear black like you wear any other color…

Children and women who wear ABALULU are daring, leaders who know who they are, their identity, they are not afraid. This is the very girl I always dreamed of being – without inhibitions, with courage and nerve. The important thing is that in our eyes we are beautiful and feel comfortable.

Quality and comfort are our keywords!!!


Spring-Summer 2019 Collection:

We chose a unique set of fabrics for the clothes,

Using ultra-soft fabrics, which have undergone special washing processes to create an extraordinary touch and feel,

The connection between East and West is very conspicuous, a fusion of worlds,

Between India (where most of our fabrics are manufactured) and New York, this is also part of who I am and it is well shown in our line of clothes:

Combining ancient techniques such as the “Block Printing” (wood carving to create stamp printing) and modern metallic fabrics, brilliant foil patterns, the combination of faded and torn shiny and tight.

ABALULU has created a new language, elements taken from the adult world, still maintaining the kid’s purity and naivety.



Me = I

Mia = my middle daughter

One day my daughter Mia turned to me and said, “Mummy, I want a dress like yours,” so I did…

Mia and I like to dress together, she loves to choose for both of us and I love that we wear the same style but each with a different pattern, another color that connects in harmony together, it is fun and amusing,

The collection presents a selection of galabias (caftans) for the mother and daughter in a variety of fabrics, some printed and some woven in a hand-held loom and gold thread. To each model is attached a silver plated coin with engraving of the logo.

T-shirts and unisex pants with hand-painted patterns, characterized by tribal symbols that reinforce the concept:

Let us all have an amazing season!! And get ready… Abalulu’s coming…


Unleash your inner child!

Me (Inbal Caspi Miller)
Co-founder and Fashion Designer